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Hello! My name is Vasantha Crabb. I have an OS X box, and a passion for programming. On this site, you’ll find a few programs. I wrote some of them myself, and some of them are OS X builds of other people’s software. I hope you find something you like here.

I can be contacted at

Darwin Software

The software in this section runs under Darwin and Mac OS X. None of the software here is Universal yet. I’m waiting for better Intel Macs before I move up.

Links 0.98

Popular text-based web browser by Mikulas Patocka. Supports frames, mutiple concurrent downloads, colour and much more. For more information, check out Updated on 18/03/2004 with version 0.98 with SSL support compiled in. HTTPS now works correctly. Mouse support works in xterm.

Links 0.98 for Darwin with SSL support (805kB gzipped tarball)

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Mac OS X Software

The software in this section runs under Mac OS X. All the software here is built for PowerPC unless otherwise noted. It should all run under Rosetta on Intel Macs.

EasyLookup 0.9.3β1

Graphical DNS, whois and finger client (not just a shell for the command-line tools) by Vasantha Crabb (me). Supports NetInfo name service and finger proxies. EasyLookup now has AppleScript support. Three example scripts are included. Source code is included (requires the Mac OS X developer tools). Written for Cocoa/BSD. Won’t recompile for Rhapsody/Yellow. Version 0.9.3 provides application services to all Cocoa applications, and has an icon (at last). There is no readme file included. All the documentation is in the application’s online help system.

EasyLookup 0.9.3 beta 1 (148kB gzipped disk image)

Image Filters 1.0

Cocoa image filters for the Hewlett Packard GROB format used on the HP 49G calculator (including greyscale GROBs) and the Sony TIM image format used on the PlayStation (including PSone and PSX), and a simple application that uses these (or other) filters to convert images to TIFF format.

Image Filters 1.0 (88.9kB disk image)

Fix File Name Encoding 0.5

Attempts to fix file names which have been incorrectly interpreted by Mac OS X. This problem occurs on Mac OS Extended format disks with files from non-English versions of Mac OS. If you download this application, please read the online help before you try to use it!

Fix File Name Encoding 0.5 (30.7kB disk image)

Keyboard Layout Stuff

I’ve done quite a bit of stuff with keyboard layouts, and here are a couple of things that have fallen out of this that might be useful to someone:

  • Rez templates for KCAP, KCHR and uchr resources. These can assist in creating your own keyboard layouts, or decompiling existing layouts for reference. Example Rez source files are also included.
  • High quality Symbol and Dingbats keyboard layouts. These are useful for entering characters from Adobe Symbols and Zapf Dingbats fonts in Cocoa applications. Note that these are not the same as the layouts provided by Apple in previous versions of Mac OS.
  • A German keyboard layout for former Windows users. This layout places brackets, braces, at, backslash, pipe and tilde where a Windows user would expect them. (May also help former UNIX/Linux users, as well. What does a German UNIX keyboard look like?)

Keyboard Layouts 1.0 (30.9kB disk image)

LAME 3.96.1 and libsndfile 1.0.11

Long overdue update to the MP3 encoding tool by Mike Cheng. Very good quality encoding. Much flatter response than the popular SoundJam/iTunes encoder. For more information see The newer version of libsndfile also includes a general purpose command-line audio file converter called sndfile-convert. For meore information about libsndfile, see This package requires Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) or later. You must install the BSD Subsystem package when you install Mac OS X to use LAME.

LAME 3.96.1 for Darwin (binary only — 2.76MB disk image)

LAME 3.96.1 for Darwin (binary and source &mdash 4.74MB disk image)

Lamer 0.0.5

Graphical front end for the LAME tool. Allows configuration of almost all command-line switches in a friendly Cocoa interface. Rips CDs directly. Yes, it s more of my own code. This application is incomplete. I may never finish it, but at present it works well enough to be useful. You don t need to separately install LAME to use Lamer. Version 0.0.5 uses version 3.93.1 of the LAME engine (you can update it to use a later version). CD ripping is fixed under Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar).

Lamer 0.0.5 (901.2kB disk image)


Graphical front-end for the MAME arcade harware emulator. Also allows viewing information files and category browsing. SDLMAME and MacMAME are supported. MacMAMEinfoX now has its very own page so you can go and read all about it.

MySQL Wrap 1.0

Simple program to safely start and stop the MySQL server process. If you download this, please read the Read Me file! It contains some important things you should know! Note that this application has nothing to do with MySQL AB. It is merely designed to work with their database server software. The source code is included.

MySQL Wrap 1.0 (42.8kB disk image)

NunavikInputServer 0.0.3

Cocoa InputManger plugin that allows you to type Canadian Aboriginal syllabics without memorising a Nunavik or Nunavut keyboard lyout. You just type the Romanisations, or Cyrillic phoneticisations (much like the Romaji input method for Japanese). Originally written to demonstrate the possibilities for a property-list driven input method. Version 0.0.3 supports more characters. Yes, I wrote this one, too.

NunavikInputServer 0.0.3 (27.6kB disk image)

SuppressUI 1.0

Cocoa InputManger plugin I wrote to allow you to suppress the menu bar and/or dock in any Cocoa application. Just unzip it into ~/Library/InputManagers/ and watch the magic. Remembers settings per application. I accept no responsibility for bad things this may do to your system.

SuppressUI 1.0 (10.7kB PKZip archive)

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HP 49G Software

The software in this section runs on Hewlett Packard HP 49G graphing calculators. This software is all my own work.

Electrical Functions 1.0

Some functions that may be of use to electrical engineers. Includes a sinc function, more helpful Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms, functions for unity-feedback SISO control systems and a function to convert a state-space model to trasnsfer functions.

Electrical Functions 1.0 (14.7kB ZIP archive)

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Windows Software

Keyboard Layouts

I find the Windows keyboard layouts irritating: the “United States” layout is far too limiting – no typographical quotes or dashes and absolutely no accented characters – and the “United States-International” layout is not only irritating when you’re programming, but still lacks typographical characters. To remedy this, I made my own keyboard layouts – one based on the “U.S.” keyboard layout on Mac OS X and one based on the ISO/IEC 9995-3 standard. They should be installable on Windows 2000 or later (including Windows XP and Windows Vista). The source files (for Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) are included in case you want to hack them up some more yourself.

US – Macintosh (250.9kB ZIP archive)
US – ISO 9995-3 (256.9kB ZIP archive)

Miscellaneous Downloads


I think it stands for Digital Filter Design Program. This is a good, old-fashioned IIR/FIR filter design program written in Fortran. If I had the source, I’d compile it for OS X as well! It’s hard to get these days, which is why I’m posting it here. If I knew who wrote it, I’d give them credit.

dfdp (202.7kB ZIP archive)


This is a MATLAB Simulink library containing a variety of blocks that are useful for simulating and controlling (using RTW) induction motors. A few simulation examples are included. No responsibility is taken if you blow up a motor using this library! This was actually part of my final year project for my electrical engineering degree.

fvclib 1.0 (25.2kB ZIP archive)

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(Hopefully) Useful Links

Mac OS X e606 Tools
A Mac OS X driver and set of utilities for the NEC e606 mobile handset.
Professional Audio Services
Just what the name says! For all your audio and stage lighting needs.
Mac OS X Hints
One of the best places to find tips, tricks, hidden features and solutions to common problems.
A huge archive of information and software for all Hewlett Packard graphing calculators.

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